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Welcome to Jimmy's Chiles!

I am a gardener who is particularly interested in vegetables, especially peppers.  I am a member of the Seed Savers Exchange, which is an organization dedicated to promoting genetic diversity.  I specialize in chile peppers, but also have some tomato seeds and trying to grow out some sweet pepper varieties.   I  also specialize in rare and unusual heirloom varieties.  I also make some great chile pepper-based products, which some people say are the best in the world.  I won't argue with that . . .  Jimmy's Chiles is the name I utilize for my Mission-From-God/hobby/entrepreneurial endeavor/pipedream.  Check out "Our Story" for a more detailed story of Jimmy's Chiles.  If you’re primarily interested in ordering seeds, check out the Products/Seeds  section.

Pictured on the right, workers at Jimmy's Chiles Warehouse prepare to ship out a mini ristra.

Pictured below is a 3 stackable bottles set with dried red chiles on top, roasted pumpkin seeds in the middle and Jimmy's Chiles' Flames of the Holy Spirit hot sauce on the bottom.  In the lower right corner there is a 40 ml bottle of Flames of the Holy Spirit hot sauce with complimentary seed packet.

These stackable bottles would look sharp on your kitchen counter or bar.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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